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  • Financial Aid for Study Abroad Programs

    Financial aid is available to fund a study abroad experience. The types and amount of aid depend on the study abroad program and individual student eligibility.

    Programs through Monmouth

    Most of the financial aid that you would normally receive to cover your tuition and room and board is applicable to Monmouth's fall and spring semester study abroad programs:

    If you are otherwise eligible, you may receive federal and state grants and loans, alternative loans, and a Monmouth academic award for the semester you are abroad. Athletic funding and tuition remission may not be used for study abroad. You are also able to apply for additional loans to cover expenses beyond tuition and room and board. Students wishing to receive financial aid for the summer semester programs at Lorenzo de' Medici and Cádiz are only eligible to receive Stafford loans and alternative loans. Students interested in financial aid during the summer term should fill out a Summer Financial Aid Application either in the Financial Aid Office or in the summer section of the Monmouth University website.

    Please contact Sandra Crawford at scrawfor@monmouth.edu if you have additional financial aid questions about participating in a study abroad program through Monmouth.

    Study Abroad Programs Outside of Monmouth

    In order to receive financial aid for a study abroad program through another college or university, you would need to fill out a consortium agreement between Monmouth University and the other school that is hosting the study abroad opportunity.

    If you have any question, you can contact Nancy Hanson at nhanson@monmouth.edu.