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  •  Residential Life Staff

    Mark Holfelder Associate Director of Residential Life
    Mark Holfelder
    Raymond Gonzalez Headshot Associate Director of Housing Operations
    Raymond D. Gonzalez
    Megan Jones Headshot Assistant Director of Residential Life and Judicial Affairs
    Megan Jones
    Linda Ganghamer Housing and Office Coordinator
    Linda Ganghamer
    Mindy Hintelman headshot Residential Life Assistant
    Mindy Hintelmann

    Area Coordinators

    Corey Inzana Corey Inzana
    Buildings: Pinewood Hall, Willow Hall, and Beechwood Hall
    Office: Willow Hall
    Phone: 732-263-6263
    Tony Conard Anthony Conard
    Buildings: Mullaney Hall, Laurel Hall and Oakwood Hall
    Office: Mullaney Hall
    Phone: 732-263-6029
    Ryan Kassis Ryan Kassis
    Buildings: Pier Village; University Bluffs, Garden, Great Lawn, and Maplewood Apartments
    Office: Redwood Hall and University Bluffs 11A
    Phone: 732-263-6280

    Alysse Kavanagh Alysse Kavanagh
    Buildings: New Hall, Cedar Hall and Redwood Hall
    Office: Cedar Hall and New Hall
    Phone: 732-263-6261  
     MU Logo Harold Hillyard
    Buildings: Elmwood Hall and Spruce Hall
    Office: Spruce Hall
    Phone: 732-263-6484