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    A Leading Center for Survey Research

    The Monmouth University Polling Institute was established to be a leading center for the study of public opinion on important state and national issues.  The Polling Institute's mission is to foster greater public accountability by ensuring that the voice of the public is part of the policy discourse.

    While much of Monmouth's survey research output focuses on its home state of New Jersey, the Polling Institute has conducted polls in more than a dozen states as well as nationally.  The Monmouth University Poll was recognized in 2013 as the only poll that correctly forecast the outcomes of both the November gubernatorial race and the unprecedented October U.S. Senate contest in New Jersey before those elections, leading the Asbury Park Press to call Monmouth's polling operation "freakishly accurate."  

    The Polling Institute is led by Patrick Murray, who was one of just six people in the New Jersey political world recognized for PolitickerNJ's Winner of the Year honors in 2013.  PolitickerNJ also ranked Murray at #35 on the 2014 Power List of the one hundred most politically influential non-elected figures in New Jersey, marking his fifth consecutive appearance on the news site's annual roll.

    The Polling Institute can be contacted at  polling@monmouth.edu  or 732-263-5860.

    For more information about our services, visit About the Institute.

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