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    Which towns have the best (and worst) websites? The results of the extensive study conducted jointly by the Polling Institute and Graduate Program in Public Policy can be found here.

    The Monmouth University Polling Institute was established to be a leading center for the study of public opinion on important state, regional, and national issues. In its inaugural year, the institute was named a “Winner” by New Jersey Politifax for the accuracy of its polling in the 2005 gubernatorial election.

    The Polling Institute conducts and disseminates public opinion research to foster greater public accountability by ensuring that the voice of the public is part of the policy discourse. The Polling Institute strives to go beyond the headlines to cover quality of life issues that affect residents in their daily lives.

    The Polling Institute’s activities include research services for government agencies and private organizations that assist with policy planning and assessment. The institute also collaborates with faculty and students to enhance research and training opportunities in survey research.

    The Polling Institute’s research capabilities include: large and small-scale survey projects; telephone, mail, and in-person interview designs; quantitative data analysis; and qualitative research techniques such as focus group facilitation and analysis.

    The Polling Institute can be contacted at polling@monmouth.edu or 732-263-5858.

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