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  • Graduate Financial Aid for Prospective Students

    Students begin graduate school at various points in their lives. Some are recent undergraduates wishing to continue their education, while others are experienced professionals seeking to advance or change their careers. No matter the reason for pursuing graduate school, paying for it can often be challenging. However, those students who research their financial options are in a better position to afford their graduate degree.


    Many graduate students are eligible for some form of financial assistance. To determine eligibility, students first need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid awards are processed annually and offered based upon continued financial need, enrollment status, availability of funds, and maintenance of satisfactory academic progress.


    A variety of financial aid programs are available to graduate students at Monmouth:

    • Loans: Money that is borrowed and paid back, with interest, over time. 
    • Scholarships: Money that is awarded based on academic interest or achievement. These awards can come from the University and/or outside sources.
    • Assistantships: Opportunities for students to work as research assistants with faculty members, or to perform other duties on campus and receive a credit toward tuition. The dollar value of the assistantship will determine the number of hours the student is required to work.


    Each financial aid package is individualized and tailored to the student; there is no cookie-cutter package. In essence, each student receives something different. The Financial Aid Office works with students to come up with the best solution—not only for them, but for their families, as well.


    Whether you are navigating the process for the first time, or have prior experience with financial aid, Monmouth’s financial aid counselors are available to assist you and ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. Students are encouraged to call 732-571-3463, send an e-mail to or visit the Financial Aid Office in Wilson Hall. Sometimes having a person to talk to can make all the difference.