• A Personalized Approach to College Affordability

    A Monmouth University education is an investment in yourself that will pay off for the rest of your life, and we will help you access the resources needed to make it happen.

    The financial aid process may seem confusing, but at Monmouth, knowledgeable counselors are here to guide you along the way. We partner with you to develop a plan to manage your educational expenses, taking into account your individual financial situation.

    As you start thinking about that plan, consider that for last year’s undergraduates:

    • 95 percent received some form of financial aid.
    • About 96 percent received a scholarship or grant (federal, state, or University), and the average scholarship/grant package was $14,700.
    • The average financial aid package, including student loans and work study, was approximately $24,600.

    All this, combined with the fact that Monmouth awards more than $40 million in institutional aid to students each year, makes Monmouth an affordable option for many families. Learn more today by contacting our financial aid office, or simply apply for financial aid.

  • Financial Aid Callout - Scholarship

    It's not too early to ask about scholarships...

    Before you even apply for admission, get an estimate of your scholarship eligibility by filling out our Scholarship Inquiry Form. See what MU offers to help make your education affordable.