• Alumni Board of Directors

    Executive Committee 2013-2014

    (elected by board of Directors at annual meeting to one-year term)

    Judy Cerciello sm photo


    Judy Cerciello '96

    Vice President for Services

    Cheryl (Jones) Szabo '98 '01 '03

    Vice President for Programs

    Jack Wagner '97


    Nicole (Pellegrino) Trainor '00


    Keri Branin '95 '98

    Immediate Past President

    Peter R. Bruckmann '70


    (fifteen, of whom five are elected annually by ballot for
    three-year terms)

    Terms expire 2014

    • Christine Clericuzio '04
    • Kenneth F. LePosa '71
    • Anne Walsh '77
    • Vincent Valenzuela '94

    Terms expire 2015

    • Keri Branin '95, '98
    • Anthony Campanile '08
    • Kourtney Dillon '07
    • Henry E. Hansch III '00
    • Sharon Lasher '81

    Terms expire 2016

    • Anthony Aquila '73, '77
    • Angela Germano '98 '00
    • Amanda Klaus '09
    • Mari (Campanella) Kovach '82 '86
    • Thomas P. Stevens '71

    Standing Committee chairpersons

    Admission Initiatives Committee Chair

    Amanda Klaus '09

    Awards and Recognition Committee Chair

    Marti (Sarason) Egger '81

    Career Development Committee Chair

    Anthony A. Aquila '73

    Social Events Committee Chair

    Kate Stevens '02

    Alumni Representatives to the Board of Directors

    Immediate Past President

    Peter R. Bruckmann '70

    Alumni Annual Fund Chair

    Kenneth F. LePosa '71

    Athletics Liaison

    Sharon Lasher '81

    Faculty Representative

    James P. Mack, Ed.D. '63

    Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee Chair

    Marti (Sarason) Egger '81

    2012 Homecoming Chair

    (Sub-Committee under Social Events Committee)

    Kate Stevens '02

    Nominating Committee Chair

    Thomas Stevens '71

    Senior Class President

    Joe Dellera

    Senior Class - Immediate Past President

    Bryan Larco '13

    Sports Hall of Fame Committee Chair

    Patrice Murray '82 '89

    Student Alumni Association President

    Leah Torres

    Student Alumni Association - Immediate Past President

    Maria Rafferty

    Student Government Association - President

    Kelly Craig

    Student Government Association - Immediate Past Vice President

    Oscar Sanchez '13

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Monmouth University Alumni Association shall be to serve and promote the University and its alumni in a manner that enriches the lives of its members and the quality of the institution.

    The Goals

    • Solicit, broaden, and increase the active alumni volunteer base.
    • Increase alumni participation and involvement in University activities.
    • Increase alumni participation in fund raising activities.
    • Prepare students for a lifelong active role in the alumni association.
    • Promote career networking opportunities and career development for alumni and students.
    • Increase the role of alumni in forming and achieving the University's mission.
    • Identify, recognize, and utilize successful alumni.