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  • Human Resources Management and Communication Certificate (18 credits)

    An organization's success often depends on human resources professionals that are responsible for managing personnel issues such as conflict management, diversity management, negotiations, and training and development. Monmouth's Human Resource Management and Communication certificate focuses on the theories and practice of human interaction, interpersonal communication, diversity management and organizational behavior.

    To keep pace with the evolution of the profession, the graduate certificate program in Human Resources Management and Communication prepares those enrolled for advanced study and careers in the field of human resources. The 18-credit graduate-level certificate program requires a pair of core courses in:

    • Management and Organizational Behavior
    • Management for Human Resources

    Students then select from the following:

    HRM Certificate Program
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Organizational Communication
    • Executive Communication
    • Intercultural Communication and Diversity Management
    • Conflict Management and Negotiation
    • Organizational Training and Consulting

    Graduates of the Monmouth program will be well equipped for a multitude of tasks, such as directing executing, and managing human resources strategies that are in alignment with an organization's vision and mission. Monmouth's small class size gives students more opportunities to interact with the faculty and receive one-on-one attention. Many students also participate in faculty-led research and apply the theories they learn in class to real-world scenarios.

  • “I had designs on doing something else with my career. I've been in the field for a while and I was considering a career change. I needed options, and I needed this degree to back me up to do that.”

    —Anita O'Malley '12