• College Consortium of International Studies (CCIS) and Non-Monmouth Programs Information

    Monmouth University encourages study abroad as an excellent means of globalizing one’s education. Qualified students can participate in study abroad through:

    • The Monmouth University programs in London, Sydney, Cadiz, and Florence
    • The College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) program: www.ccisabroad.org
    • Any program offered by an approved or accredited U.S. institution of higher education

    Students who plan to study abroad in a program at Regents College (London), Macquarie University (Sydney), University of Andalucía (Cádiz), and Lorenzo de’ Medici (Florence) must do so through the Monmouth University programs.  No permission will be granted for study abroad at these four institutions unless the student is registered for the MU program.

    Study abroad satisfies the experiential education requirement provided that a minimum of six credits are successfully completed. Regardless of where a student studies abroad, it is important to communicate with your advisor about the particular experiential education requirements of your degree program.

    Qualifications for study abroad through CCIS or non-Monmouth programs include:

    • At least sophomore status (a minimum of 29 credit hours earned)
    • Minimum GPA of 2.75
    • Not on academic probation
    • Not on judicial probation

    Important notes:

    1) Only outside the major requirements or ‘free’ elective credits will be accepted
    2) Students cannot be within 32 credit hours of graduation to participate. Typically, this means students cannot have completed more than 96 credit hours before studying abroad in a non-Monmouth program.
    3) Sponsoring school must be an accredited US college or university. 

    CCIS Study Abroad Program

    Students can choose to study abroad from more than 80 programs in 32 countries by using Monmouth’s membership in the College Consortium for International Studies. CCIS is a nonprofit organization consisting of more than 135 public and private accredited colleges and universities in the United States. CCIS information can be obtained from their Web site at www.ccisabroad.org or in the Study Abroad Office. Monmouth University students interested in CCIS must meet the study abroad criteria as specified above.

    Monmouth is a member of this consortium to facilitate the ease of credits and financial aid, but we do not directly administer these programs; other US institutions manage these programs. Therefore, you will essentially be applying through that college/university. All the support materials related to housing, visas, travel, courses and the nuts and bolts of that particular program would be communicated to you through the US sponsoring institution.  If you participate in a “Monmouth program” (in Italy, Spain, England and Australia) the Monmouth study abroad office is responsible for guiding you through all these details. 

    Students attending any CCIS program will have the actual grades earned listed on their transcript, but the grades will not be calculated into their grade point average (GPA). Grades earned must be a “C” or better to be awarded credit at Monmouth University. Students considering this opportunity should consult with Ms. Robyn Asaro, Assistant Director for Study Abroad, on the first floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center


    If you participate in programs offered through CCIS (or any outside study abroad program, see more on this option below), you are permitted to take courses only for outside the major requirements and elective credits.

    Financial Aid:

    All financial aid is applicable for an approved study abroad program but Monmouth institutional aid is only available for the ‘Monmouth’ programs.  For Monmouth programs you are billed for regular tuition and your merit awards, grants, scholarship apply (except for athletic and tuition remission).  For CCIS programs you are billed directly from the CCIS sponsoring institution and responsible for sending the payments directly to them.  Our financial aid office will send through any state or federal aid on your behalf.

    Non-Monmouth Study Abroad Programs

    Students who choose the option of studying abroad under the auspices of other accredited programs must meet the study abroad criteria specified above and should also follow the guidelines as provided on the “Study Abroad—Non-Monmouth Program” form available from e-FORMS. The e-FORM will be electronically routed for approvals, with an e-mail confirmation when all approvals have been obtained. The final e-mail approval will include a copy of the approved form so the student can provide a copy to the host institution.  Written approval from the Registrar MUST be received prior to commencing study abroad.

    Students who execute a financial aid consortium agreement will have actual grades and credits posted on their Monmouth transcript. The grades will be calculated into the GPA. If the student does not use a financial aid consortium agreement, the courses will be posted as transfer (“T”) credit for all grades earned of “C” or better. There is no GPA impact with “T” grades.

    Students planning to attend a foreign institution must do so utilizing the services of an American college or university. Students are required to have the host school send an official transcript to the Registrar’s Office. Students considering this opportunity should consult with the Office of Registration and Records, Wilson Hall, Room 208.

    For an appointment or more information, please contact Robyn Asaro, Assistant Director of Study Abroad at:
    Office: 732-263-5377
    Email: rasaro@monmouth.edu