• Monmouth University and Seton Hall University Physician Assistant BS/MS Degree Program

    This program is for students who wish to pursue a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant following a bachelor's degree at Monmouth.

    The agreement between Seton Hall University and Monmouth University provides admission for up to six (6) qualified Monmouth University students each year to attend Seton Hall University's Physician Assistant master's program. Monmouth University students may inform the PPHAC of their interest in the program in their sophomore year and apply to the Seton Hall program during their junior year at Monmouth University. At the end of their third year, Monmouth University students are officially informed of their acceptance into the Seton Hall University program.

    According to Dr. James Mack, former director of the Pre-Professional Health Advisory Committee at Monmouth, "The selective group of students that are chosen for the new program will be able to decide on specific health career goals early. The program also gives students the opportunity to pursue graduate education in the medical field and to obtain a license to practice as a physician assistant in New Jersey."

    Physician Assistants are formally trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive healthcare services as delegated by a physician, and play an important role in today's healthcare system. Physician Assistants practice in the areas of internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, orthopedics, and obstetrics/gynecology in a broad range of settings, including hospitals, solo and group practices, long-term care facilities, and urban and rural clinics.