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  • Biology Department Mission Statement

    The Monmouth University Biology Department specializes in the fostering of critical thinking and the development of the scientific perspective while maintaining an academic environment in which the potential of each individual can be realized.

    While the department’s primary mandate is to prepare its majors in the Bachelor of Science in Biology program, they also maintain an accessible and relatable level of coursework that serves the general education requirements of non-science majors. The biology major is provided with a curriculum that establishes the essential background and skills to understand living organisms and to contribute to advancing the boundaries of this understanding. This foundation will prepare graduates for jobs in biological sciences and for admission to graduate programs and professional (e.g., medical, dental, and veterinary) schools.

    The department is committed to experiential learning through rigorous laboratory exercises, field experiences, and the opportunity to participate in biological research, internships, and cooperative education programs. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop writing and presentation skills appropriate to function as a biologist while building a foundation in basic biological education. The curriculum provides an optional concentration in molecular cell physiology and a separate transdisciplinary degree in marine and environmental biology and policy.