• Health Majors for Undergraduates

    The need is rising for skilled experts to deal with all aspects of human health. The fields of wellness, healthcare, nutrition, physical education, community and global health, and complementary health therapies are growing at record rates.

    The level of health that individuals achieve is influenced by the choices they make, which also affects their ability to develop to their full potential. It is this dynamic that sits at the core of Monmouth’s health programs.

    Students can major in:

    • Health Studies
    • Health and Physical Education
    • Health/Physical Education/Education (K–12 endorsement)

    Innovative and Experiential Learning

    The Bachelor of Science in Health Studies degree program at Monmouth University focuses on developing professionals who will promote health and prevent disease across diverse areas in medical, community, nonprofit, corporate, and government settings. The curriculum also offers a broad and intensive education in the relationship between lifestyle and health.

    The Bachelor of Science degree in Health/Physical Education combines 30 credits of health studies course work in areas such as nutrition, health promotion, human sexuality, and substance abuse, with 18 credits of physical education courses including exercise physiology and motor skill development. Students aspiring to careers in athletic training, physical therapy, or similar professions might use this program as preparation for graduate or professional schools. Students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, dentistry, and similar programs should consult with the Pre-Professional Health Advisory Committee.

    Those students interested in obtaining a K–12 teaching certification may be interested in the dual Health/Physical Education and Education major, which offers core health studies and physical education content. This content is aligned with both the State of New Jersey certification requirements and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

    • Health/Physical Education with Endorsement in K-12 Education in Health and Physical Education Curriculum Chart
    • Health/Physical Education with Endorsement in K-12 Education in Health and Physical Education Sequence Chart

    Benefit Yourself and Others

    University’s health programs provide an interdisciplinary approach to information about health. These majors are designed to:

    • increase knowledge about health and health-related topics
    • allow students to gain knowledge about a variety of health disciplines
    • enable students to communicate and learn how lifestyle choices may relate to the cause or prevention of disease
    • expand interdisciplinary and comprehensive understanding of health issues
    • facilitate student internships in health-related agencies and corporations

    Monmouth health program graduates will be prepared to serve as leaders in fields that integrate health, wellness, and education. Career paths include working in healthcare agencies, managing sports or wellness centers, working in community health departments, teaching, and working in global nonprofit agencies or other public and private healthcare sectors. Students are also prepared to undertake graduate studies in a variety of fields.

    What You Will Learn

    The health programs at Monmouth University are for those students seeking to enhance their knowledge of health and health-related issues. Graduates may prepare to work with individuals, groups, and families in health organizations and services, corporate health programs, education, and at the local, state, federal, or international level. Specific course content provides information about current health issues as well as teaching the supporting analytical skills needed to evaluate issues and policies. Additionally, students will develop an understanding of the link between new research in health science and the development of healthcare strategies and policies.

    Students can further their education by pursuing graduate degrees in areas such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, health education, hospital and healthcare administration, and public health.

    The field is as broad as it is diverse with excellent career options.

    For More Information

    More information about the health studies program at Monmouth University can be obtained by calling the School of Nursing and Health Studies at 732-571-3443, visiting us in McAllan Hall, room 332, or by contacting Dr. Konopack, coordinator of health studies.

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