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    Psychology @ Monmouth University

    The defining characteristic of our major is that we do not focus on preparing students for a specific job or career. Rather we encourage students to explore the broad spectrum of opportunities within psychology. To facilitate this, our major emphasizes skill development and hands-on experiences rather than memorization of facts.

    The following are employer-valued skills students acquire in our program:

    • Project Management Skills
    • Written Communication Skills 
    • Oral Communication Skills
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Creative Problem Solving Skills
    • Time Management Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Information Gathering and Processing Skills
    • Data Analysis and Psychometric Skills
    • Data Presentation Skills
    • Adaptability to Changing Situations
    • Eagerness to Learn New Skills
    • Ability to Work as Part of a Team

    Emma Higgins
    Emma Higgins, ’11  

    I feel so fortunate to have graduated from Monmouth University's Department of Psychology. I'm now pursuing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology and I know I never would have made it this far without my experiences at Monmouth. Each professor took such a personal interest in my success, always supporting my unique interests, opening opportunities for me to succeed, and making themselves available whenever I needed help or professional/academic advice. When I began my graduate studies, I found that my classes at Monmouth gave me a major advantage compared to students from other undergraduate (and even Masters) programs, especially in terms of writing and research skills. I can't say enough how thankful I am for my experiences at Monmouth!

    -- Emma Higgins, Doctoral Student, Class of 2011  

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    Jaclyn Racaniello
    Jaclyn Racaniello, ’11  

    The professors in the Psychology Department absolutely love their job and it shows through the connection they build with each and every student. I still talk about my experience in the Psychology Department because of how much the professors impacted my life. I was so prepared for graduate school after leaving Monmouth and I owe all of that to my professors at Monmouth. Usually, senior thesis is a daunting task, and it was, but after a couple of weeks I looked forward to going every week. By the end of the semester, we were more of a family and it was hard to say goodbye. Thank you, Psychology Department for having the impact you guys did!

    -- Jaclyn Racaniello, Counselor, Class of 2011