• Career Opportunities with a Psychology Degree

    The average person has eight different jobs that span three professions or occupations during their lifetime (Chen, 2004). One major characteristic of a liberal arts education is that it is not focused on a specific career, but aims instead to help students learn how to think critically, how to be creative, how to be flexible, how to get along with others, and how to go on learning for the rest of their lives (Chen, 2004). The Psychology major prepares students for a wide range of careers, which means that students have many choices to make about potential career paths and graduate school options. As a result, our department emphasizes career advising and professional development in our student advising meetings, through our Careers in Psychology course, and in our Career Training Modules that students take throughout their psychology major.

    Think Employable Skills, Not Specific Job Training

    Here are some of the skills employers seek that our majors acquire through our program:

    • Project Management
    • Creativity
    • Time Management
    • Oral Communication
    • Written Communication
    • Information-Gathering and Information-Processing Skills
    • Data Analysis
    • Data Presentation
    • Willingness to Learn New, Important Skills
    • Adaptability to Changing Situations
    • Interpersonal/Social Skills
    • Numerical, Computer, and Psychometric Skills
    • Problem-Solving
    • Ability to Work with Others as Part of a Team

    What You Believe May Not Be True:
    Common Misconceptions about Majoring in Psychology

    What Can You Do with a Degree in Psychology?

    There are numerous career paths you can follow with your degree in psychology. Click here for some examples and how you can best prepare for those careers paths.

    Let Us Help You Get Your First Job

    Nicole Bayles
    Nicole Bayles, ’10  


    Monmouth's Psychology Department always felt like a second family to me! The staff was always welcoming and caring. They were always willing to offer a helping hand with anything you needed. My psychology classes at Monmouth are part of the reason I pursued school psychology and they really prepared me for my field!

    -- Nicole Bayles, Class of 2010