• Kathryn Kloby, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Director of MA Public Policy Program

    PhD, Rutgers-Newark

    Office: Bey Hall, Room 243

    Phone: (732) 263-5892

    Email: kkloby@monmouth.edu

    Spring 2014 Office Hours:
     By Appointment

    Spring 2014 Courses:

    PS 105: Introduction to Public Policy

    PS 250: Research and Writing

    PS 598: Public Management

    Regularly Taught Courses:

    PS 105: Introduction to Public Policy

    PS 250: Research and Writing

    PS 351: Public Administration

    PS 598: Public Management


    Kathryn Kloby, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology at Monmouth University. She teaches courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in public policy, public administration  and research methods. She directs the Master of Arts Public Policy Program. She publishes research in the area of public sector performance measurement, accountability, citizen participation, and e-government.

    Research Interests:

    Public sector performance measurement, accountability, citizen participation, and e-government

    Selected Works:

    Scholarly Articles:

    (Recently Peer-Reviewed Publications)

    Kloby, K. & D'Agostino, M.J. eds. (2012) Citizen 2.0: Transforming Government and Citizen Engagement with Web 2.0 Technologies, Hershey, PA: IGI Global Publications

    Kloby, K. & Sadeghi, L. (2012) "Lost in Translation: Stakeholder Perceptions of Accountability," The Journal of Public Management and Social Policy, 18(1), 27-45.

    Kloby, K. (2012) "Exploring the Transformational Potential of Web 2.0 in State and Local Governments," for Public Service, and Web 2.0 Technologies: Future Trends in Social Media, eds. E. Downey and Ma. A. Jones, Hershey, PA:IGI Global Publishing, 237-249.

    D'Agostino, M.J. & Kloby, K. (2011). "Building Community Capacity to Engage Government: Reflections of Non-profit Leaders on Post-Katrina New Orleans," Administration & Society, 43(7), 749-769.

    Kloby, K. (2010). "In Their Own Words: Profiling Strategic Managers in Award-winning Programs, " in Women and Public Administration: Theory and Practice, eds. M. D'Agostino and H. Levine. Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Barlett Publishers, 253-271.

    Callahan, K. & Kloby, K. (2009). “Moving Toward Outcome-Oriented Performance Measurement Systems” funded and published by The IBM Center for the Business of Government, March 2009. 

    Kloby, K. (2009). “Less is More: Exploring Citizen-Based Financial Reporting in Local Governments,” a symposium on Citizen Participation and Budgeting for the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management. 21(3), 367-486.