• Department of History and Anthropology


    The history curriculum is designed to provide an understanding of the complex forces that have shaped the present and to assist in preparing for careers in business, law, politics, public service, journalism, or teaching.

    Course offerings in history provide students with a strong background in U.S. and European History, and in the History of Western Civilization. In addition, the department offers electives in African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern History. Our internship and experiential programs include opportunities to work at museums, historical associations, and historical sites in New Jersey.


    The anthropology curriculum is designed to provide a liberal arts education that emphasizes the scientific study of humanity. Three areas of anthropology are covered: cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology.

    The goal of the anthropology program is to provide students with a broad understanding of humanity that will be relevant to their professions, their daily lives, and their larger roles in the modern world. 

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