• Graduate Program in Corporate and Public Communication (31 credits)


    Monmouth University’s graduate program in Corporate and Public Communication prepares students to take advantage of evolving career opportunities while developing or enhancing the practical and conceptual skills needed to excel as communication specialists. The curriculum prepares students for entry into a variety of fields or post-graduate programs. Students are required to complete 31 credits, distributed among core courses, electives, colloquia, and a thesis or capstone project.

    The program—facilitated by graduate faculty possessing a broad range of professional and scholarly credentials—provides an in-depth, balanced study of practice and theory. Monmouth also allows students to focus their coursework in areas such as Public Relations, Public Service Communication and Human Resources Management and Communication.

    Those enrolled are afforded:

    • An opportunity to gain valuable experience in the communication industry
    • Experience in new media technologies
    • Networking opportunities with community members and increased career opportunities
    • A synthesis of theoretical concepts in communication and practical experience in the field
    • A cumulative project, thesis or capstone, which showcases the knowledge students have accumulated during the program.

    Lastly, students are encouraged to engage in a Corporate and Public Communication Internship. The internship provides students with a practical learning experience that, along with a high level of personalized attention, is a hallmark of a Monmouth education.

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    The University also offers several specialist certificates, to increase your marketability. Many students choose to devote a portion of their master's study to earning a certificate, but Monmouth allows those who already possess master’s degrees in other disciplines to complete a full master’s degree, or those who have achieved the role of supervisor and wish to pursue advanced education to earn them as well.

    Participation in this cutting-edge graduate program advances credentials, and connects graduates with industry experts. Get started today! For program details, please contact Dr. Sheila McAllister, director of the Graduate Program in Corporate and Public Communication, at 732-571-7553.


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