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    The mission of the Criminal Justice Department is to provide the student with a broad liberal arts education and a balanced perspective on the study and practices of the criminal justice system. Students benefit from an experienced faculty who currently work as researchers, psychologists, attorneys and law enforcement officials and utilize their professional skill sets as impassioned teachers and mentors. Consistent with the University-wide commitment to experiential education, all criminal justice majors complete an internship to provide the skills and experience necessary to gain employment.

    "My Bachelors in Criminal Justice from Monmouth University has enabled me to attend job interviews with an extensive academic background rooted in theory and experience. By completing my Criminal Justice Senior Thesis and an internship, I am able to present myself as a well-rounded candidate for any job in Criminal Justice field."

    — Melissa Burro, 2010 BA

    The Department currently offers a B.A. and M.A. in Criminal Justice, as well as the opportunity to earn both a B.A. and M.A. with our accelerated five-year program. Students working toward a B.A. in Criminal Justice can choose to major in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security in order to pursue a career in this rapidly growing field, although this is not required. Similarly our graduate program offers students the ability to earn a 12-credit graduate certificate in Homeland Security or an M.A. with a concentration and certificate in Homeland Security, for those who wish to enhance their knowledge and increase job prospects in this field.

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