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    400 Level Courses

AR 404 - Responsive Media

Students learn how to make interfaces for smart phones and tablets to create interactive audio and video. In addition, students produce creative projects using data mapping, generative art and work collaboratively on a site-specific media project. Also listed as CO-404. Prerequisite: CO-145 or AR-181.

AR 408 - Senior Year Experience: Client/Thesis

The first part of a two course, senior year capstone experience designed to provide students the opportunity to propose and research a thesis project, create entry-level, professional design work, and to work with clients all while under the direction of a faculty member. For BFA majors Graphic Design majors only. Prerequisite: AR-371. Corequisite: AR-383.

AR 410 - Advanced Project I

Research, art making, and writing for Honors Project may be conducted for photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphic design, Web design, or motion graphics and is determined by a student's particular discipline and medium of choice. The art to be made is informed by the student's research and is articulated in full through a final eighteen-twenty page research paper. The topic of research may include but is not limited to identity, gender roles in culture, feminism, religion, the occult, consumerism, politics, cultural diversity, war, personal experience, Renaissance vs. contemporary art, Greek vs. contemporary sculpture, etc. Alternatively, the student may also conduct a thorough exploration of the characteristics of a particular medium. Art and Design faculty must approve the topic. This is the first part of a two-semester class. Prerequisites: Junior status, permission of the department chair, a GPA of 3.00, a major GPA of 3.50, and the student must be an art or fine arts major.

AR 414 - Group Project in 3D Animation

Students will learn how to work on a production team for a 3D project. Students will work in a team environment to brainstorm, communicate effectively, develop project goals, and delegate responsibilities. Students will learn how to meet deadlines both individually and collectively. Student groups are expected to produce a 3D animated piece with an estimated three-minute duration. Prerequisite: AR-394.

AR 499 - Independent Study in Art

Guided research - a studio project or art history topic. Weekly consultation. May be elected for a total of six credits. Prerequisites: Senior standing and prior permission of the directing professor and department chair.

AR SHO - Senior Show

This is a pass/fail course.