• Monmouth University/Vetter School
    Professional Development School

    Mission Statement


    The Professional Development School established by the Monmouth University School of Education and the Vetter School (Eatontown Public Schools) is a collaborative, learning-centered community that is dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will prepare P-20 learners for success in the 21st century workplace. All participants will promote and sustain:

    • A positive, engaging climate with effective teaching and learning experiences that focus on achievement for all students (P-20).
    • An emphasis on the 21st century skills: oral and written communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
    • Mutual responsibility of university and school personnel for the preparation and mentoring of teacher candidates.
    • Professional growth opportunities for pre-service and in-service teachers, as well as university faculty and administrators.
    • Shared inquiry, research, reflection, and discussion of "best practices" in assessment, teaching strategies, and achievement.
    • An emphasis on the Common Core, NJCCS, and the NJPST.

    Goals 2013-2014

    1. Provide professional development in grouping and guided reading.
    2. Assist and support the teachers as they implement guided reading and flexible grouping.
    3. Develop a penpal program for students and university teacher candidates.
    4. At the end of each semester, hold a celebration for the participants in the penpal program.
    5. Hold a scavenger hunt at the beginning of the semester to acclimate new teacher candidates to the school.
    6. Develop and distribute a PDS handbook for the teacher candidates and university faculty.
    7. Continue on-site methods courses at Vetter.
    8. Continue community service in the after-school program.


     What's going on at Vetter PDS...

    Vetter PDS- fieldwork 4

    Dr. Groff's EDL 326 class is already very busy at Vetter this spring semester.  They started the semester by doing a scavenger hunt around the school (put together by school counselor and Monmouth alum, Ellyn Rosati) and meeting their first-grade reading buddies, with whom they partner with each Friday in Mrs. Neary's and Mrs. Johnson's classes.  Ms. Tiffany Bufford, special education teacher and the Vetter PDS staff liaison, and Mr. Kevin Iozzi, principal, went over the district policies and procedures for fieldwork with the teacher candidates.  Dr. Groff's class is looking forward to doing a pen-pal program, as well, this spring.  There are also plenty of opportunities for the Monmouth teacher candidates to get involved in extra programs at the school.

    Vetter PDS- fieldwork 3  Vetter PDS- fieldwork 5  Vetter PDS- fieldwork2

    In addition to working with the class, Dr. Groff is enjoying the work of assisting the teachers to better use their assessments systems to form guided reading groups and plan for differentiated instruction.  She looks forward to several sessions with the teachers this spring.