• Risk Management

    Office of General Counsel LogoThe Office of the General Counsel takes a proactive approach with regard to risk management. The University secures various types of insurance to minimize financial losses primarily due to damage to University property, general liability claims involving third parties, automobile/fleet operations, legal and professional liability, and on-the-job injuries to employees.

    Legal PenThe office consults with the University’s insurance providers to identify and minimize exposure to risk, and attempts to resolve incidents fairly and amicably. Any incident that may result in a property or liability claim against the University should be reported immediately to the Office of the General Counsel. Additionally, incidents involving theft of or damage to property should be reported to the University Police Department, and incidents involving an on-the-job injury should be reported to the University Health Center and Human Resources.

    When planning activities or programs, employees should contact the Office of the General Counsel so that contracts can be reviewed and risks to the University managed via insurance requirements, contract modifications, or other means.