• Contractual Obligations

    Office of the General Counsel


    The purpose of this policy is to delineate the authority for the negotiation and signature of contractual obligations on behalf of the University as delegated by the President to certain officers of the University. No officers or employees are authorized to negotiate or enter into contracts either written or verbal, unless such authority has been approved by the President as set forth in this policy.


    1. Certain contractual obligations including loan agreements, contracts for $250,000 or more and real property acquisitions must have prior approval by the Board of Trustees.
    2. The Vice President and General Counsel is authorized to sign contracts as indicated below for each cabinet member. Any signature of the Vice President for Finance or the Provost on behalf of and in the absence of the President shall be authorized only after consultation of the Vice President and General Counsel.
    3. All contracts must be reviewed by the Vice President and General Counsel with the exception of the following:
      1. Purchase orders issued by the Purchasing Director, Bookstore Manager and Associate Librarian and Quick Orders issued by departments in accordance with the University’s purchasing policy.
      2. Applications and permits for construction projects.

    Delineation of Authority

    Officers of the University shall have the authority to negotiate and sign certain contractual obligations as described below.

    1. President

      • grant agreements
      • loan documents and banking arrangements
      • insurance contracts (life, health, property, casualty)
      • construction contracts
      • all others including those specifically set forth below
    2. Vice President for Finance

      • same authority as the President
      • purchase, lease & rental agreements with computer hardware & software vendors
      • maintenance/service agreements for computer hardware & software
      • printing contracts
        1. Director of Purchasing
          • purchase orders
          • maintenance agreements
          • rentals and leases (autos, trucks, equipment and buildings)
        2. Bookstore Manager
          • purchase orders relating to Bookstore inventory (designated employees of the Bookstore may also sign, with the Manager’s approval)
    3. Vice President for Enrollment Management

      • advertising
      • public relations firm for advertising
      • enrollment management publications
      • enrollment management consultants
      • outside services for direct mail and telemarketing
      • immigration documents
      • contract learning for corporations and institutions
        1. Director of Graduate & Adult Enrollment Services
          • scholarship awards
        2. Director of Financial Aid
          • financial aid award letters to students
        3. Director of Undergraduate Admissions
          • scholarship awards
    4. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

      • same authority as President
      • FAMCO Agreements (faculty appointments, tenure candidacy & denial, sabbaticals, etc.)
      • contracts for use of facilities at off-campus sites
      • faculty contracts with outside vendors
      • purchase, lease & rental agreements with instructional media technology vendors
      • maintenance/service agreements for instructional media technology equipment and materials
      • consulting arrangements pertaining to instructional media/technology and academic position searches
        1. Academic School Deans
          • Real Estate Institute (e.g., advertising)
          • hiring consultants (e.g., Advisor for AACSB)
        2. Dean of Library/Associate Librarian
          • purchasing agreements with certain book and periodical suppliers
    5. Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement

      • commencement photography
      • contracts with performers appearing on campus
      • facility rental agreements
      • off-campus housing lease agreements
      • immigration documents
      • contracts related to health services (including vaccination clinics, acquisition of vaccines, consulting physician agreements) 
        1. Director of Conference and Program Services
          • facility rental agreements for off-campus groups
          • summer camp and conference contracts
          • pool rental contracts
          • rental agreements for University residences
        2. Director of Residential Life and Housing Operations
          • linen and refrigerator sales – residence halls
          • campus fundraisers
    6. Vice President for Administrative Services

      • labor contracts
      • employment agency contracts
      • vocational school contracts
      • mechanical systems and service contracts
      • waste removal (also signed by Director of Purchasing)
      • consulting arrangements pertaining to Human Resource area (such as actuarial, benefits, etc.)
      • consulting arrangements pertaining to DEP/OSHA Compliance
      • applications for permits and inspections relating to construction projects
      • contracts with architects, engineers and other consultants pertaining to campus planning projects
      • construction contracts less than $25,000
      • purchase, lease & rental agreements with telecommunications vendors
      • maintenance/service agreements for telecommunications equipment and software
      • consulting arrangement pertaining to telecommunications
    7. Vice President for External Affairs

      • printing contracts
      • consulting contracts dealing with External Affairs
      • vendor contracts dealing with External Affairs
    8. Director of Athletics

      • promotional sponsorships hotel contracts
      • athletic scholarship and financial aid offers
      • sports scheduling agreements
      • rental agreements for vans/equipment
      • lease agreements (autos)
      • contract for printing of media guides
      • financial guarantees for team appearances
        1. Associate Athletics Directors
          • hotel contracts
          • sports scheduling agreements
          • rental agreements for vans/equipment
          • lease agreements (autos)
          • contract for printing of media guides
          • promotional sponsorships
    9. Associate General Counsel

      • insurance applications
      • payment authorizations for approved insurance premiums and consultant agreements
      • work orders/agreements in connection with claims of $1,000 or less against University insurance policies