• Students - Hardware and Software

    As a student, perhaps you have had these same two questions:

    What kind of computer hardware should I purchase?

    Everyone has a different opinion on the best system. There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing a computer.

    Minimum requirements for your desktop system should include:

    • IBM compatible PC: 2.5 Ghz dual core processor, 100GB hard drive, at least 3GB RAM, CD drive
    • - or -
    • Apple: 2.9 Ghz dual core processor, 100GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, CD drive

    Minimum requirements for your laptop system should include:

    • PC Laptop: 2.5 Ghz dual core processor, 100GB hard drive, at least 3GB RAM
    • - or -
    • Apple MACBOOK: 2.9 Ghz, 100GB hard drive, 4GB RAM Mini DVI to VGA Adapter for projecting PowerPoint presentations

    Any system should have a backup device (External hard drive, DC/DVD RW) to copy and protect important files as well as a USB Flash Drive (1GB or greater) for transferring data.


    What software should I have on my personal computer?

    • Windows 7, Vista, XP Home or XP Pro Edition
    • MAC OS X or newer
    • Microsoft Office 2010 (Windows), Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac)
    • Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 6 or higher)
    • Virus protection software (The University uses McAfee Virus Protection Software.) This is critical!
    • 3 year extended warranty program