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  • HawkNet FAQs

    Resident and commuter students at Monmouth University have access to our computer network. Each residence hall room is equipped with one data port per student. All data ports stay active so that arriving students can immediately connect their computers to the University network:HawkNet.

    HawkNet allows students who own computers to access campus and worldwide electronic resources from their residence hall rooms and other campus locations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there other places where I can connect to HawkNet around campus?

    The University has deployed wireless access throughout the campus. Directions on how to connect to HawkNet via a wireless device are available here:

    Windows 7 | Windows 8 | Mac pdf

    You must have a valid University account. To access our network using a wireless device, you must be able to "authenticate" with the network. Not all wireless devices are capable of authenticating. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact the Help Desk. We support 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.

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    Can I set up my own server, on campus, to share files with other users?

    While there is nothing to stop you from doing this, network restrictions may be imposed if the traffic generated from the application exceeds reasonable limits. You also should be aware that sharing copyrighted material is illegal. Such activity may constitute copyright infringement under the Copyright Act, Title 17 United States Code 106(3). Furthermore, such activity would violate our Acceptable Internet Use Policy. Illegal downloading and sharing of copyrighted material will cause your network access to be suspended. Further information on Internet Downloads from the Office of the General Counsel.

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    Can I still connect to my Instant Messenger Service using my screen name via HawkNet?

    Yes. Once you are connected to HawkNet, you will be able to sign into Instant Messenger. The University cannot monitor or be responsible for any information transmitted either to or from you while using these types of services.

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    Do I have to use my student e-mail account?

    University offices have been advised to respond only to requests that come from official student accounts. If you do not routinely check your student e-mail account, you will miss important announcements, information, offerings, and programs.

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    Do I have unlimited access to everything on the Internet?

    No. Some high bandwidth applications have been blocked to prevent oversubscription of our Internet connection. The primary use of the Internet connection is to support the various academic and administrative programs offered by Monmouth University. Applications such as Voice Over IP (VOIP), streaming video, and media sharing can adversely affect our business and academic operations.

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    Do I need my own personal computer system while attending Monmouth University?

    No. Students who do not have personal computers can take advantage of networked computer labs located throughout the campus.

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    Does Monmouth University offer a PC maintenance agreement?

    No. Each student is fully responsible for all software and hardware maintenance of his or her personal computer. We strongly recommend a hardware maintenance agreement with a vendor of your choice.

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    How do I attach my computer to HawkNet?

    Once your computer system is properly configured, connect to the data port on the wall in your room. You will need a category-5 straight-thru data cable between your computer and the data port. Data ports are identified by their blue color (red for telephone). Specific configuration information is available on move-in day, on the Monmouth Web site, from the Information Systems Help Desk (732-923-HELP), or in the University Store. Cables may be purchased at the University Store.

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    How do I set up my computer to connect to the network?

    Your computer must be equipped with a Network Interface Card (NIC).

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    How long will my information (data) be stored on the University's servers?

    The University takes reasonable precautions to preserve all data stored by students. Unfortunately, we are not always able to retrieve lost data. Each student is responsible for properly archiving their data on personal media. All information stored on the University’s servers under a student’s account will be maintained (within the limits of the assigned quota) for the period of time the student is registered. If you graduate, drop out, or do not attend classes for six months, your account will be deleted and all data destroyed, including e-mail.

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    Is there a monthly fee for HawkNet service?

    No. This service is included in your tuition.

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    What if my personal computer does not properly connect to HawkNet?

    If your computer does not properly connect to HawkNet, review the pertinent documentation located on the Setup Procedures page to make sure you have the proper configuration. You may contact the Help Desk by dialing H-E-L-P (x4357) from an on-campus telephone. A University network technician will ensure that the problem is not related to the network. We are unable to troubleshoot any problems that result from your computer system or non-network-related issues. This includes the installation and configuration of the Network Interface Card.

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    What kind of computer hardware should I purchase?

    Everyone has a different opinion on the best system. There are several factors that should be considered when purchasing a computer.

    Minimum requirements for your desktop system should include:

    • Windows PC: 2.5 GHz dual core processor, 100GB hard drive, at least 3GB RAM, CD drive
    • - or -

    • Apple: 2.9 Ghz dual core processor, 100GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, CD drive

    Minimum requirements for your laptop system should include:

    • PC Laptop: 2.5 Ghz dual core processor, 100GB hard drive, at least 3GB RAM
    • - or -

    • Apple MACBOOK: 2.9 Ghz, 100GB hard drive, 4GB RAM Mini DVI to VGA Adapter for projecting PowerPoint presentations

    Any system should have a backup device (External hard drive, DC/DVD RW) to copy and protect important files as well as a USB Flash Drive (1GB or greater) for transferring data.

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    What services are provided?

    For the academic year, HawkNet provides subscribers with the following:

    • Campus-wide network connectivity (TCP/IP, Telnet, FTP, WWW)
    • Controlled Internet access
    • Access to your e-mail account on campus
    • Access to any campus network server that you are authorized to use

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    What services will not be provided?

    • Monmouth University will not install or configure hardware or software on any student’s personal computer.
    • The University does not provide insurance or cover losses for the theft or damage of personal computers.
    • The University will not provide hardware or software maintenance services for any student’s computer. We strongly recommend that students purchase a maintenance plan from a provider of their choice.
    • The University does not allow any commercial use of the network, peer-to-peer file sharing, or the storage of copyrighted material.
    • The University will not provide static IP addresses. All IP addresses are dynamically assigned using DHCP.
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    What software should I have on my personal computer?

    • Windows 8, 7, or Vista
    • MAC OS X or newer
    • Microsoft Office 2010 (Windows), Microsoft Office 2011 (Mac) or newer
    • Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox is recommended)
    • Virus protection software: This is critical!
    • 3-year extended warranty program

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    Who can subscribe to HawkNet?

    Every registered student is automatically subscribed. (Service is not currently available for the Fountain Gardens apartments and other off-campus locations.)

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    Will the University supply any additional software?

    No. Each student is responsible for legally obtaining all software.

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    To suggest other questions for inclusion in our FAQs please send an email with your question to