• Training & Workshops

    OED provides training to the University community, including all staff (full-time, part-time, student workers), faculty, and students.

    Workshops and seminars are interactive, providing participants with opportunities to engage in discussion and activities that challenge existing perspectives while understanding those that differ.

    Training and education can be customized to meet the needs of the unit, department, or group Contact OED to set up a training workshop for your area.

    Workshop Descriptions

    Faculty Search Training & Hiring Procedures – This workshop explores the best practices in recruiting a diverse faculty. Best practices will be explored to include areas such as: writing job descriptions to include diversity competencies, marketing strategies, and tips on how to field a diverse applicant pool. This workshop will also address navigation of the Monmouth University, PeopleAdmin system. This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training –

    All employees of Monmouth University are required to complete a self-paced sexual harassment training program entitled “Preventing Sexual Harassment." This program instructs the employee on the various aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace. The program may be accessed at www.monmouth.edu/sexualharassment

    The workshop addresses how to avoid predispositions that enable stereotypes by gaining a better awareness of your own ethnocentric view of the world. This workshop is designed to help the MU community gain a broader knowledge of diversity issues, discuss strategies for increasing sensitivity and awareness of diversity issues within the workplace and activities, and creating inclusive and culturally safe work/learning environments. This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

    This online session focuses on the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. This online program uses case studies to highlight what is and isn’t sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

    Inter-Cultural Sensitivity Training –

    Minority Perspectives in the Classroom – This session is geared towards faculty and offers insight and guidance on the experiences of minority students in the college environment. This workshop also offers ways that faculty can get involved in “Diversity at Monmouth.” This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.

    Diversity Awareness Training – This workshop explores the many dimensions of diversity and works to build a common awareness as it relates to a multicultural community. Several scenarios, role playing, and exercises are used to challenge and highlight diversity competencies as it relates to the learning and environment. This is an interactive 1 ½ hour session.