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    The Monmouth University Polling Institute was established to be a leading center for the study of public opinion on important state and national issues. The Polling Institute’s mission is to foster greater public accountability by ensuring that the voice of the public is part of the policy discourse.

    The Monmouth University Polling Institute has three core missions:

    • Provide contract research services to policymakers in government and private organizations to assist with program planning and assessment.
    • Collaborate with faculty and students to enhance research and training opportunities.
    • Monitor public opinion on current issues.

    Polling DirectorPatrick Murray was named the founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute in 2005. In that short time, the Monmouth University/New Jersey Press Media Poll has established itself as the Garden State's "poll of record" for its in-depth tracking of public policy and quality of life issues.

    In 2010, named Mr. Murray "Pollster of the Year" and also placed him at number 43 on its New Jersey Power List of the 100 most politically influential people in the state. He frequently appears as a commentator on state and regional TV and radio, and has been interviewed by national media, including CNN's The Situation Room and ABC's Good Morning America. Murray is a member of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.


    The Polling Institute provides contract research services to public and private entities engaged in public policy efforts. The Polling Institute has the capacity to conduct quantitative and qualitative research and has an on-site focus group facility.

    Polling Institute staff has extensive experience conducting needs assessments, program evaluations, agenda-setting studies, and research to gauge public reaction to issues, events, and campaigns. Research areas include media and communications, community needs and social services, education and youth, health, the environment, transportation, and image research.

    The Polling Institute’s research capabilities include large and small-scale survey projects; telephone, mail, and in-person interview designs; quantitative data analysis; and qualitative research techniques such as focus group facilitation and analysis. The Polling Institute’s staff will work with you through every step of the research process, including issue identification, questionnaire design, sample selection, data collection, and data analysis. The research team has conducted interviews with hundreds of thousands of survey respondents and more than 100 focus groups.

    • Issue Identification – determining key research objectives that can be met by survey research.
    • Instrument Design – developing tools that provide reliable non-biased information to meet program objectives.
    • Sample Selection – applying the best approach to obtain a representative sample of your population of interest.
    • Data Collection – utilizing the method or combination of methods that will best meet the research agenda, such as telephone, mail, in-person and Internet surveys, and focus group discussions.
    • Data Analysis – developing analytical reports that are straightforward, easy to read, and highlight critical findings.


    The Polling Institute is an integral part of the academic life of Monmouth University. The Polling Institute works to bring together faculty members from different disciplines to study the needs of local, state, and national populations. This is done through joint grant proposals and research contracts, developing curricula and courses that include research components, and hosting conferences and public events. A key component of this collaboration will be an annual "Quality of Life" survey.

    The Polling Institute also provides opportunities for students to enhance their educational experience by working on survey projects as research assistants. There are also opportunities for students from various fields, such as marketing, health, communications, and student media to use survey research in their own studies and extra-curricular activities.


    A key activity of the Polling Institute is our regular independent reports designed to ensure that the voice of the people is a vital part of the discourse on policy issues that affect residents. The poll strives to go beyond the headlines to cover issues that affect people where they live. Our home state, New Jersey, is a major focus of these public interest polling efforts, but the Polling Institute also focuses on broader regional issues as well.

    The content and analysis of these poll results are the sole responsibility of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. Our public poll reports are posted here. These polls are disseminated through an e-mail list and via various media outlets.