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  • What Our Students Say

    Enriching Educational Experiences


    What types of honors courses, learning communities, and other distinctive programs are offered?

    During their first year, 13% of students participate in a learning community (Nationally: 17%). By their senior year, 29% of students have taken an independent study class (Nationally: 16%).

    How often do students interact with peers with different social, political, or religious views?

    45% of FY students say they frequently have serious conversations with students who are different from themselves in terms of their religious, political, or personal beliefs (Nationally: 52%).

    How often do students interact with peers from different racial or ethnic backgrounds?

    46% of FY students frequently have serious conversations with those of a different race (Nationally: 51%).

    How many students study in other countries?

    By their senior year, 19% of students have studied abroad (Nationally: 12%).

    Do students participate in activities that enhance their spirituality?

    8% of FY students frequently engage in spiritually enhancing activities such as worship, meditation, or prayer (Nationally: 32%).

    What percentage of students participate in community service?

    By the time they are seniors, 72% of students have participated in community service or volunteer work (Nationally: 59%).


    FY = First-Year Student

    SR = Senior Student

    1. "Substantial" emphasis is defined by combining the responses to values of "Very much" and "Quite a bit."

    2. "Frequently" is defined by combining the responses to values of "Very often" and "Often."

    3. "Strongly challenge" is defined by combining response values of "6" and "7" on a one-to-seven point scale where 1 is "Very little" and 7 is "Very much."

    4. "Occasionally" is defined by combining the responses to values of "Very often," "Often," and "Sometimes."

    The responses above were provided by 447 randomly selected Monmouth students on the 2012 NSSE survey.

    Results for all students who responded to the 2012 NSSE respondents are presented in parentheses for comparison purposes.

    Data source: National Survey of Student Engagement 2012