• The McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Why study the humanities and social sciences? Why go to college? What is the return on investment?

    These are the types of questions students (and their parents) ask on campus visits—and we take them very seriously.

    Why the humanities and social sciences?

    Monmouth University’s programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences engage you in your learning, make the skills you are learning clear and applicable, and give you the practical experience that best prepares you for an engaging life and a fulfilling career.

    Employers throughout the corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors all agree that they are looking for college graduates who can think critically, write clearly, present their arguments persuasively, and live active and engaged lives.

    Why go to college? Why Monmouth?

    As a student today, you are a pioneer moving into new lands. In some cases, your future may actually be in foreign lands as the world economy and culture globalizes. Monmouth University gives you the opportunity to:

    • Engage in your own learning in areas of your interest through our active classrooms.
    • Learn the language, culture, and history of other cultures through language and course work and excellent study abroad programs.
    • Apply course learning through the practical experience of internships.

    We can’t predict all of the kinds of new careers that await you upon graduation, but we can prepare you to become an active learner capable of adapting to the fast-paced, 21st century world.

    What is the return on investment of studying in the humanities and social sciences?

    By now you should be able to answer this question: Monmouth University doesn’t train you for your first job; we educate you for an active and engaged life that complements your career interests.

    We take the charge of teaching you how to learn and prepare for your life after Monmouth very seriously. Every department in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has a career mentor who coordinates practical experiences, internships, and alumni connections so that you can connect your classes with your aspirations. Career mentors organize networking events where you meet prospective employers and learn about career opportunities.

    Our goal is to make it possible for you to follow your passion through a flexible, rigorous curriculum that prepares you as an active, lifelong learner.

    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is dedicated to providing a balance of a rich, comprehensive, liberal arts education with the practical concerns of finding gainful employment. Monmouth University remains committed to experiential education and personalized attention that affords students both a breadth and depth of experience. Students who are entering school now will emerge to a world with new career options and job paths that didn’t exist when they were seniors in high school. Students who study broadly across multiple disciplines will find themselves better equipped to adapt to the changing global economy and use the skill set they develop to become leaders in any field they enter.