• Mission Statement

    The Graduate School at Monmouth University is dedicated to providing a selection of rigorous, high quality master's degree and certificate programs to adults seeking to enhance their professional skills and intellectual development. The graduate programs at Monmouth integrate the most advanced thinking and training in the respective fields in order to provide skills needed in the marketplace. The faculty members are active teacher-scholars dedicated to excellence in teaching and the development of new knowledge. The curriculum in each program is designed to develop the highest degrees of competence, professionalism, and leadership qualities in the student.

    The graduate faculty provides the core of instruction in the graduate program at Monmouth University. Recognized for their scholarly achievements by peers in their fields, the members of the faculty provide a challenging classroom environment. The faculty’s mission is to ensure that Monmouth graduates leave the University ready to exercise socially responsible leadership in their professions and the community. The faculty brings the insight from research and professional experience into the classroom. Graduate students are drawn into the ongoing, creative work of the faculty through classroom demonstration, research participation, and through attendance at professional meetings. The graduate faculty members also serve as advisors and mentors to students, in many cases not only during the course of their studies but also after they graduate from the University.

    Working directly with senior faculty who are engaged in research is a key element in graduate-level study. In recent interviews, a group of student leaders on campus unanimously agreed that the opportunity to work closely with faculty is the greatest single benefit of Monmouth’s small class size and engaged faculty. Students are able to achieve a comfortable rapport with the professors.

    DEAN: Datta Naik: dnaik@monmouth.edu