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GUERRILLA GIRLS ON TOUR: Act Like A Feminist Artist

Mar 9

GUERRILLA GIRLS ON TOUR: Act Like A Feminist Artist 

Pollak Theatre - 1:15 PM

Aphra Behn shares her experiences as a feminist activist and artist for almost 20 years as a member of Guerrilla Girls (1997-2001) and Guerrilla Girl On Tour! (2001 – present). Revealing the inside workings of the grassroots groups, she discusses the successes (protests; fax blitzes; speak-outs and street theatre); the struggles (hate mail; death threats; backlash) and the downright defeats (sabotage; infighting). Act Like a Feminist Artist 
is a 60 to 90 minute interactive talk, audience members will be challenged to rethink the concepts of what it means to be an “activist,” “artist,” and “feminist.” The talk is framed with readings from Aphra’s upcoming memoir, “UN/MASKED, My Secret Identity Revealed” (Skyhorse Publications, October 2016.) A lively Q and A will follow the talk.

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NJ MoCA Art Conversations: Breaking News

Apr 28

NJ MoCA Art Conversations: Breaking News 

New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art - 7 PM

The world of contemporary visual art is often intimidating, challenging, and seemingly unapproachable. To help break those perceptions and barriers, New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art will present “Art Conversations,” a series of three scholar-led panel talks that will provide context and insight into what defines contemporary art, its transformational trends, and its relevance and impact on society. The highly credentialed and charismatic United Nations journalist Alexandra King will moderate conversations with art critics, collectors, curators, technology producers, and artists. Artists from NJMoCA’s “Breaking News” multi-media exhibition planned for April 2016 which will address, engage people in dialogue, and foster understanding about political, cultural and social issues saturating today’s 24-7 cable news cycle, such as race relations, energy consumption, scandals, the gun culture, immigration, and female identity and sexuality.

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