• Monmouth University Student Health Insurance 2014-2015

    Proof of Insurance:

    Good health plays an important role in academic success.  Unexpected medical bills can threaten a student's ability to complete their education should they be uninsured.  In an effort to support both the physical and financial health of students, Monmouth University requires all full-time undergraduate and all international students to show proof of insurance on an annual basis.

     To show proof of insurance, please log into WebAdvisor and enter your insurance information under Proof of Health Insurance. This must be completed by:

    Fall Semester: September 9, 2014

    Spring Semester: January 27, 2015*

    *Only for new, incoming students 

    Proof of Insurance:  Intercollegiate Sport Athletes, Cheerleaders and International Students

         Students who fall into this category and who fail to provide proof of insurance by the above deadlines will be automatically enrolled in the Monmouth University Student Health Insurance plan offered through AIG insurance company and billed the premium accordingly.  This charge will appear on the university account statement.

    Student Health Insurance Plan 2014-2015


    MU has partnered with AIG insurance company to offer a student health insurance plan designed to complement services offered at Monmouth University Health Services. The plan provides access to a preferred provider network through the Magnacare regional network and nationwide Multiplan PPO. Plan highlights include 80%/20% coverage with no deductibles or co-pays and unlimited annual maximum benefit per policy year; applicable co-insurance and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) provisions apply. To learn more about the health insurance plan, contact AIG health insurance at 1-888-622-6001 or visit the dedicated Monmouth University-AIG website at www.studentinsurance.com/schools/nj/monmouth to review the full schedule of benefits and health insurance plan provisions. 

    Annual Premium: $1,996  (9/1/14-9/1/15)

    Spring/Summer Premium: $1301* (1/20/15-9/1/15)

    Summer Premium:  $675* (5/18/15-9/1/15)

    *applicable only to new, incoming students for the referenced semester

    Who is Eligible for Voluntary Enrollment?

    All full time undergraduate domestic students carrying 12 or more credits as well as student-teaching undergraduates and graduate students carrying 9 or more credits who are not ICS athletes are eligible to enroll in the Plan on a voluntary basis. Students who meet this criteria may also enroll dependents. Please contact AIG at 1-888-622-6001 for family-related premium information.

    Open Enrollment Deadline:

    Fall Semester: October 1, 2014

    Spring Semester: February 18, 2015*

    Summer Only:  June 18, 2015*

         *applicable only to new, incoming students for the referenced semester

    How to Enroll in the AIG Student Health Insurance Plan

    Students eligible for voluntary enrollment must enroll directly with AIG at:  www.studentinsurance.com/schools/nj/monmouth by the open enrollment deadline. Voluntary enrollment payment is made directly to AIG.