• Student Mentoring Program

    An Initiative of the Business Council

    Monmouth University’s Leon Hess Business School and its Business Council invite all undergraduate and graduate students to participate in its Mentoring Program.

    The purpose of the program is to assist you to enhance:

    • Your ability to identify employment opportunities
    • Your level of personal and professional growth
    • Your confidence-building skills

    This is accomplished through one-on-one contact with Business Council members and alumni. Informal receptions, occasional council meetings, and on-campus meetings will be held for you to meet and network with Business Council mentors.

    The Mentoring Program is an excellent opportunity to augment Monmouth’s other advisory services such as career counseling, placement, job fairs, and on-campus recruiting, to name a few. While your mentoring experience may assist you in your career job search, it is not meant to be a professional career advisory service or placement firm. You must want to use all of these resources so that you can begin to take charge of your life and start the rest of your life’s journey.

    It’s up to you to make a commitment to yourself!

    Download a copy of the mentoring brochure and contact information.