• 2015 Summer Research Program

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    Summer Research Program

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    If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to the Summer Research Program, please use our online Give a Gift Now form.

    Gifts to the Summer Research Program provide summer salary for student research assistants, travel funds for students to attend conferences to present their research, and student research project supply funds. The School of Science greatly appreciates and thanks the following supporters for their generous gifts to the Summer Research Program:

    * As of 9/25/14


    • Adanech Asghedom (Ada's Latin Flavor)
    • Mr. Anil Kumar Ammula '10
    • Ms. Oluwaseyi L. Bankole '12M
    • Mr. Terence B. Bodak Jr. '12
    • Ms. Laura A. Brinkerhoff
    • Ms. Beth Brody
    • Mrs. Margaret and Mr. Wm. Clark Cate, Jr.
    • Drs. Stephen and Margaret Ann Chappell
    • Dr. Joseph Chung
    • Mr. James H. Corbin '72, '79, '82
    • Dr. Catherine N. Duckett and David C. Hunter
    • Mrs. Frances G. Duckett
    • Ms. Jessica L. Echevarria '09
    • Mr. Jonathan M. Giordano '10, '12
    • Mr. Harry Grasso Jr. '59
    • Ms. Joan M. Grzankowski '11
    • Dr. Denis E. Hruza 68, '71 and Mrs. Anne Hruza ’81
    • Mr. Ken and Mrs. Katherine Jacobi
    • Mrs. Lorraine '13 and Mr. Kenneth Jordan
    • Mr. Sandeep Reddy Kanchala '12
    • Mr. Sanjiv S. Kottomtharayil '93
    • Mrs. Jamie M. Kretsch '80
    • Mrs. Anne Marie Lavin
    • Mr. Glenn A. Lehner '87
    • Mr. John D. Leonard, Jr. '51A
    • Mr. Michael S. Maiden Jr. '07
    • Dr. James McDonald
    • Mrs. Koorleen Minton '11 and Mr. David Minton
    • Mr. Nam Nguyen '12
    • Mrs. Karen D. and Mr. John O'Donnell '67
    • Mr. Nicholas J. Pagliuca '09, '12
    • Dr. Michael A. and Mrs. Cindy Palladino
    • Mr. Dharm Patel '12
    • Mr. Ravi Teja Polisetty '11
    • Mr. Venkata S. D. Ranga '10
    • Mr. Thomas F. and Mrs. June Razwilavich '70
    • Dr. Barbara T. Reagor '70
    • Mr. William B. Roberts (Roberts Charitable Foundation)
    • Dr. Herbert C. Roy ’69
    • Mr. Raghava Sandadi '12
    • Mr. William M. Scott '10
    • Mr. John P. Siciliano '98
    • Mr. Julius K. Simonelli '99
    • Mr. Edward C. Thomas
    • Mr. John A. and Ellie Tiedemann
    • Mr. Dennis G. Urbaniak '90 and Mrs. Diane E. Urbaniak '91
    • Mr. Eamon J. Wall '88
    • Dr. Jiacun Wang
    • Mr. Nicholas J. Weimmer '02
    • Mrs. Andrea S. Witter '01, '01
    • Mr. Kevin W. Young '89
    • Dr. Cui Yu
    • Dr. Xudong Yuan
    •  School of Science Faculty and Staff in Memory of Angelo Palladino


    • American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship
    • Brinkerhoff Environmental Services, Inc.
    • Bristol-Myers Squibb
    • DefinedLogic
    • Global Essence, Inc.
    • Marathon Data Systems
    • Merck Undergraduate Science Endeavors (MUSE) Program
    • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    • Sparta Systems


    Monmouth University students participating in the Summer Research Program are also supported by contributions from the Urban Coast Institute Heidi Lynn Sculthorpe Student Research Grants, including a portion of the proceeds from the UCI Annual Champion of the Oceans Awards Luncheon.


    Selected Summer Research Program students in marine science are supported with funding from a generous contribution for the Diversity in Marine Environmental Policy Initiative, which provides funding for eligible student scholarships and research. The purpose of the initiative is to encourage diversity and support the inclusion of a broad group of students from distinct backgrounds including but not limited to socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, race and/or nationality.


    HUDSON RIVER FOUNDATION - 2014 Tibor T. Polgar Fellowship

    The Tibor T. Polgar Fellowship program is a research program conducted in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Named in honor of the late Dr. Tibor T. Polgar, a major contributor to the early development of the Foundation, this program provides a summertime grant and research funds up to for eight college students (both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible) to conduct research on the Hudson River. The objectives of the program are to gather important information on all aspects of the River and to train students in conducting scientific studies and public policy research.