• New! Global Sustainability Minor
    (18 Credits)

    The Curriculum

    Core Course   BY 221 Introduction to Global Sustainability   3 credits


    This course introduces students to the environmental, economic, and social foundations of sustainability and the policy and scientific challenges involved with accommodating population growth, development, and resources use while assuring that future generations will have the natural and economic resources to support an enhanced quality of life. An emphasis will be placed on understanding of sustainability principles from multiple perspectives and cross-disciplinary application of sustainable practices.

    Then choose 15 credits from the following theme clusters*


    Cluster 1 Environment and Health
    BY 220   Environmental Biology 3 credits
    HE 340   Environmental Health Issues 3 credits
    HE 375   Health in Developing Countries: A Cross-Cultural Perspective 3 credits
    BY 442   Natural Resource Conservation and Management 3 credits
    Cluster 2 Economy and Development
    AN/GO 267   Tourism Around the World 3 credits
    AN/GO 268   Urbanization Around the World 3 credits
    BE 498*   Ecological Economics 3 credits
    BR 405   Real Estate Development 3 credits
    Cluster 3 Society and Policy
    SW 205   Global Human Rights and Social Welfare 3 credits
    PS/SO 274   Global Inequalities 3 credits
    AN/GO 275   Global Environmental Problems 3 credits
    PS/PO 330   Environmental Policy 3 credits
    PR 413   Population Dynamics and a Sustainable Future 3 credits



    • *Five additional courses are selected from the three theme clusters with no more than two courses from any one cluster.
    • *Four additional courses may be selected from the three theme clusters (with no more than two courses from any one cluster) if a capstone experience (internship, special topics, departmental, or honors thesis) is approved in lieu of one course.
    • Students are also required to participate in one colloquium hosted by the Urban Coast Institute (UCI) or Institute for Global Understanding on a sustainability topic during their course of study.