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  • General Education Courses in Science



    You're in class, listening closely, as your professor takes out a whisk and starts making an egg white. It might seem like a culinary arts lesson, but it's actually a science experiment with egg proteins. This is "The Science of Cooking" (SC 120), one of many General Education courses offered through the School of Science. Most of these undergraduate options are well-suited for non-major students and fulfill the GenEd requirement in natural sciences.

    Like SC 120, several courses examine unique topics and themes in relation to the science field. Curious about why your iPod sounds better than your old cassette tape? Then consider "The Physics of Sound and Music" (PH 103). Ever wonder why runners eat pasta the night before a race? Then think about taking "Nutrition Science" (SC 110). All GenEd courses allow you to understand the nature and role of science in daily life, even if it's not your major area of study. Courses are available in the following subjects:

    From the titles below, you can see which GenEd courses you might like to pursue in your undergraduate career. It is always recommended that you speak with your advisor to ensure that specific courses fit into your curriculum.



    A few of our general or interdisciplinary science courses give meaning to the phrase "You are what you eat." For instance, our "Nutritional Science" course (SC 110) helps you analyze what you eat in terms of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. And "The Science of Cooking" (SC 120) brings the kitchen into the classroom with fun demonstrations and tastings elucidating the science behind your favorite recipes. (Read descriptions of these SC courses)



    In these GenEd courses, you can explore various aspects of the biology field—from human development and the brain, to evolution and the environment. Our selection includes a mix of classic courses and those that are more specialized. For instance, you can start with "Issues and Methods of Biology" (BY 101) or go straight to "Microbiology in Health and Disease" (BY 107). Many courses include laboratory work, enabling you to take a hands-on approach to learning. (Read descriptions of these BY courses)

    • BY 101: Issues and Methods of Biology
    • BY 102: Applications in Biotechnology
    • BY 103: Environmental Science
    • BY 104: Human Biology
    • BY 105: Introductory Biology and Human Development
      (only available to social work majors)
    • BY 106: The Brain—Highs and Lows
    • BY 107: Microbiology in Health and Disease
    • BY 108: Evolution and the History of Life on Earth
    • BY 111: Anatomy and Physiology I
    • BY 112: Anatomy and Physiology II
    • BY 116: The Biology of Nutrition, Aging, and Anti-Aging Nutrition
    • BY 198: Special Topics in Biology
      (in 2013, The Business of Biotechnology from Discovery to the Market)




    Whether you take one chemistry class or several, these GenEd courses will introduce you to the field and prepare you for further study. For instance, we offer two “General Chemistry” courses (CE 111, CE 112), each with a complementary three-hour lab. You can take part in a number of interesting experiments, while learning the major themes and practices in chemistry. (Read descriptions of these CE courses)

    • CE 101: Issues and Methods in Chemistry
    • CE 109: Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry
    • CE 111: General Chemistry I
    • CE 111L: General Chemistry Laboratory I
    • CE 112: General Chemistry II
    • CE 112L: General Chemistry Laboratory II



    Our introductory course in geology addresses a number of topics you'll want to dig into. It covers principles of geology and earth science and shows you how the geosciences affect the coastal area here in New Jersey. (Read the description of this GL course)

    • GL 100: Diamonds, Drilling, and Dinosaurs: Introductory Geology



    Whether you're interested in electromagnetic waves or the waves of the ocean, you'll find a physics course that's right for you. We offer GenEd courses in classical physics, which provide an overview of the life sciences, as well as courses in oceanography, astronomy, and the physics of sound and music. These offerings allow you to understand how physics applies to a variety of unique areas. (Read descriptions of these PH courses)

    • PH 101: Issues and Methods in Physics
    • PH 103: The Physics of Sound and Music
    • PH 105: Physics for the Life Sciences I
    • PH 105L: Physics for the Life Sciences Laboratory I
    • PH 106: Physics for the Life Sciences II
    • PH 106L: Physics for the Life Sciences Laboratory II
    • PH 150: Principles of Astronomy
    • PH 170: Physical Oceanography