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  • Pre-Professional Health Advisory Committee (PPHAC)

    Bernadette and Students

    Current committee members:

    PPHAC Office and Hours
    • Dr. Bernadette Dunphy, Specialist Professor, Biology, Committee Co-Chair
    • Dr. Dorothy Lobo, Associate Professor, Biology, Committee Co-Chair
    • Dr. Richard Bastian, Lecturer, Mathematics
    • Dr. William Schreiber, Lecturer, Chemistry
    • Mary Stern, PA-C, MEd, Specialist Professor/Academic Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program
    • Bethany Dickerson, Secretary

    About the Committee

    The PPHAC, founded in 1974 (Drs. Mack and Parker), has guided more than 200 Monmouth University students to careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and careers in other allied health professions. The committee members are chosen from the science faculty and are selected for their knowledge of the health professions and graduate schools in health sciences. The Committee works closely with the Center for Student Success (CSS) and the First Year Advising Office, with advising for a future career in the health professions beginning upon entrance to the University.

    Committee members attend the major national (NAAHP) and regional (NEAAHP) health profession advising conferences to remain current concerning both developments in the field and medical and professional school requirements. In addition, committee members attend open houses at the various schools (both locally and abroad) in order to give solid recommendations and advice to potential applicants.