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  • Undergraduate Minors

    Political Science

    Political Science

    Dr. Kathryn Kloby - E-Government in New Jersey

    A minor in Political Science will help students understand government functions, international affairs, public law, and policy issues. It is flexible, so students can take courses to enhance their chosen major in anthropology, business, communication, criminal justice, history, education, English, social work, sociology, psychology, the sciences, and others. The Political Science minor offers knowledge and skills that students in all fields can use to enhance their careers and make them well-rounded and informed citizens.

    Legal Studies

    A minor in Legal Studies serves as an introductory vehicle to the broad-based interdisciplinary approach to the study of law. Offering a grounding in the fundamental principles of American national government, students then choose a "basket" of courses that further establish the critical thinking and analytical skills required for law school. This basket includes the constitutional law sequence, media law, pre-trial prosecution, administrative law, and logic classes in philosophy. Beyond that, students are free to choose a wide variety of substantive law-based classes that speak to their specific legal interests (e.g., criminal law, business law), as well as build on the advocacy and writing skills of the practice.

    Public Policy

    A minor in Public Policy offers courses for students to specialize in the area of policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. This selection of courses exposes students to the dynamics of the policy process at the federal, state, and local levels of government.



    Dr. Nancy Mezey - Gender Education

    A minor in Sociology will help students understand how the social world is organized, and the connections between individuals and society. Students who minor in sociology can study social inequalities, social institutions, global issues, research methods, and social theory. The minor is flexible, so students can take courses to enhance their chosen major in anthropology, biology, business, communication, criminal justice, history, math, social work, political science, psychology, and others. Students in all fields can use the Sociology minor to enhance their careers and make them well-rounded and informed citizens.

    Gender Studies

    A minor in Gender Studies encourages students to critically investigate gendered power relations in all fields of social life, including popular culture and the arts, through exciting course offerings. By taking courses from a variety of disciplines, students examine the social construction of gender in various cultural and historical contexts to analyze how gender inequalities in a range of domains intersect with other structures of advantage and disadvantage, such as race, class, nation, and sexuality. These gender courses equip students with critical thinking skills essential to effectively bring about positive changes in a world deeply impacted by gender injustice.