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  • MA Specialization in U.S. History (30 credits)

    The MA Specialization in U.S. History is designed to give students deep and sophisticated knowledge of the subject area, and also to explore ways in which historians go about their craft. Those enrolled have the opportunity to customize their course work by selecting from nearly 20 courses. Some courses focus on the major periods of American history, including:

    • The Colonial Period
    • The Revolution
    • The Age of Jackson
    • The Civil War and Reconstruction
    • Populism and Progressivism
    • World War II
    • The Cold War
    • Modern America

    Other courses focus on topics throughout the nation's history, including:

    • The History of American Women
    • Labor
    • Politics
    • Warfare
    • Urbanization
    • Consumerism
    • Sexuality

    Students will consider differing and evolving interpretations of the past. They will learn about the major debates, controversies, and achievements in the field, while honing their research, writing, and presentation skills.

    View our list of required courses in the U.S. History Specialization.

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