Neil Graves, PhD


Honors School Faculty Fellow

PhD, University of Oxford

MStud, University of Oxford

MA, University of Newcastle

Office: Wilson Annex, Room 410

Phone: 732-571-3623


Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Monday, 2 - 4 p.m. and Tuesday, 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Spring 2013 Courses:

EN 201 - Literature I

EN 227 - Foundations of British Literature

EN 305 - Shakespeare I

Regularly Taught Courses:

EN 101 - College Composition I

EN 102 - College Composition II

EN 201 - Literature I

EN 202 - Literature II

EN 227 - Foundations of British Literature

EN 305 - Shakespeare I

EN 306 - Shakespeare II

Research Interests:

Areas of interest include: Milton; 17th century poetry; literature and theology; and the contemporary southern African novel.

Selected Works:

Scholarly Articles:

Neil D. Graves, ‘“Here let the Theologians take notice”: A Note on the Provenance of Milton’s De Doctrina Christiana’, Notes and Queries Vol. 244, No. 3 (Sept, 1999), 332-34.

Neil D. Graves, ‘Milton and the Theory of Accommodation’, Studies in Philology 98, 2 (Spring 2001), 251-72.

Neil D. Graves, “Infelix Culpa: Milton’s Son of God and the Incarnation as a Fall in Paradise Lost”, Philological Quarterly, Vol. 81, 2 (March, 2002), 159-83.

Neil D. Graves, “‘The whole fulness of the Godhead dwells in him bodily’: The Materiality of Milton’s God,” Christianity and Literature 52, 4 (Summer 2003), 497-522

Neil D. Graves, “Typological Aporias in Paradise Lost”, Modern Philology 104, 2 (Nov., 2006), 173-201.

Neil D. Graves, “Gerontagogy or Pedagogy: The Education of the Miltonic Deity”, Texas Studies in Literature and Language 50, 4 (Winter 2008), 352-84.

Neil D. Graves, The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency: By the West and For the West”, Mapping Africa in the EnglishSpeaking World (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge UK, 2010), pp. 12-26.

Neil D. Graves, “The Trinity in Milton's Hell" Milton Studies 52 (2011), 172-215.



Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Botswana: The problem of literary symbols (accepted for publication in Marang, Journal of the Department of English at the University of Botswana

Additional Information:

Freshman Advising Professor (representing the English Department)
Honors School Thesis Advisor