• Meet the Faculty

    Psychological Counseling Faculty

    MEET THE DEPARTMENT: Back row (left to right) - Dr. Solomon Schuck, Dr. Gary Handler, Dr. Alan Cavaiola, Dr. Joanne Jodry, Dr. Stephanie Hall, Dr. David Burkholder, Dr. George Kapalka (Chair). Front row - Dr. Alishea Rowley, Colleen Hoherchak (Office Coordinator), Dr. Vonetta Kalieta (filling in for Dr. Trotman, who is on leave), Dr. Laura Schmuldt (not pictured)

    George Kapalka, Professor and Chair. PhD, Fairleigh Dickinson University. Specialization in the areas of mental health counseling; clinical and school psychology with emphasis on child and adolescent counseling and assessment; learning disabilities; school consultation; and legal/forensic issues. Current research program is focused on the education, counseling, and management of children with behavioral problems (including ADHD) in school and at home, as well as researching the effectiveness of nutritional and herbal supplements to treat psychological and emotional disorders.

    David Burkholder, Assistant Professor. PhD, Kent State University. Specialization in mental health counseling with children and adolescents. Areas of interest include career counseling, student retention, legal and ethical issues in therapy, men’s issues, and multicultural issues.

    Alan A. Cavaiola, Professor. PhD, Hofstra University. Specialization in the area of counseling issues related to mental health and psychology, with a primary interest in alcoholism, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors, and their impact on individuals, couples, and families. Teaching, research, and counseling interests focus on adolescent development, sequelae of trauma, abnormal personality development, DUI offenders, and workplace dynamics.

    Stephanie Hall, Assistant Professor. PhD., University of New Orleans. A licensed professional counselor in both New Jersey and Louisiana, Dr. Hall's interests include multicultural counseling, women’s issues in counseling, professional identity of counselors, grief counseling, and group work.

    Gary J. Handler, Specialist Professor; Field Placement Coordinator. PhD, New York University. Specialization is in mental health counseling, focusing on cognitive and behavioral approaches. Areas of teaching interest include psychopathology, case conceptualization, and cutting-edge counseling techniques. Current interests also include the impact of neuroscience research on improving counseling efficacy. Other departmental responsibilities include supervising the field placement process and alumni communications.

    Joanne Jodry, Specialist Professor. DMH, Drew University; EdD, Argosy University (Sarasota). Specializations in professional mental health counseling, with primary clinical interests in women’s issues throughout the life span, life crisis, and existential issues. Areas of interest in research include the interplay of psychology and religion (through a world religion perspective), the impact of therapeutic relationships on the therapist, and feminist counseling and its future impact on the mental health counseling field.

    Vonetta Kalieta, Instructor (Temporary). PhD, Walden University. Specializes in sports counseling with athletes and mental health counseling with adolescents and their families. Areas of interest include student-athlete development, group dynamic, sports counseling, counseling of students, and new counselor development.

    Alishea Rowley, Specialist Professor. PhD, North Carolina State University. Specializations in mental health counseling and school counseling with an emphasis on adolescent assessment and counseling, childhood behavioral disturbances, consultation with schools on student retention, and counseling low-income families. Research interests include African American single mothers, social justice issues, diversity, and multicultural populations.

    Laura M. Schmuldt, Specialist Professor. PhD, University of Central Florida. National Certified Professional Counselor. Interests include counselor education, group counseling, mindfulness, and resiliency.

    Solomon Z. Schuck, Associate Professor. PhD, New York University. Specialization in crisis intervention and family therapy with a bias towards prevention. Areas of interest include the utilization of culturally consonant approaches to primary prevention. Research interests include an evaluation of the role of communication and compatibility in relationship satisfaction.

    Frances K. Trotman, Professor. PhD, Columbia University. Areas of interest include child development, racism and minority issues, stress management, divorce mediation, aging, academic resilience, women’s issues, feminist counseling, and counseling with African American women.

    The department also employs adjunct faculty members who hold doctorates in counseling or psychology and are licensed and/or certified in many areas of practice, including counseling, psychology, and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse.