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    Windows Lab

    The CSSE Windows Lab, located in Howard Hall 310, is the department's other instructional lab and graduate student research space. Equipped with Windows-specific software such as Alice, ISETLW, MS Visual Studio and MS SQL Server, it is used for the lab components of CS 120 and recent Windows .NET web services-related courses. It is also used for the lecture sections of 2-3 courses per semester. Starting in the spring semester of 2007, it is also used as one of the CS tutoring lab.

    The lab contains 15-17 Pentium 4-based Gateway E4000 PCs and also a Windows Server machine to support some graduate student research.

    Lab Hours and Schedule

    The lab is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., on days when the University is open for business. If it is not open during these hours for whatever reason, please contact Roseanne Gunter (x3441) for access.