• Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society

    Fall 2011 Induction

    XAE Fall Group 2011

    Chi Alpha Epsilon Inductees (pictured bottom row from left to right): Miguel Rios, Lisangi Fernandez, and Gary Meija; (pictured second middle row from left to right): Amanda Gruber, Danielle Corrao, Megan Conrad, Daniella Aceveda, Eileen Connair, Marilynn Garcia, Lixanya Lucas, Jasmine Walker, Christina Dock, and Malka Saba; (pictured third top row from left to right): Klaudia Szabat, Lawren Rohling, Adit Patel, Tilah Young, Rosa Zayas, Cassandra Figueroa, Belinda Rao and Michael Rosas; (not in attendance and absent for photo): Jorge Branco, Sara Tomas, Aubrey Loglisci, Jessica Curbelo, and Zachary Crawford

    Twenty-six Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF) students were inducted into the national Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society in an evening ceremony on Tuesday November 8th. Chi Alpha Epsilon was founded to recognize the academic achievements of students in support programs like EOF and Federal Trio programs across the nation. Specific academic criteria includes cumulative grade point averages of 3.0 or above for two consecutive semesters.

    Provost/Vice President Thomas Pearson addressed the audience by recognizing the 26 outstanding students. He praised the students being inducted and the EOF staff for their commitment to academic excellence.

    The induction ceremony included several initiation components. The candle lighting ceremony symbolized the enlightenment which enables the students to help one another. The students signed their name in the national membership ledger thereby confirming their honor society membership. Blue and white honor cords were placed on each student symbolizing their academic achievements. Every student received a pin thereby finalizing their membership.

    This year’s honorary student group included: Daniella Acevedo, Jorge Branco, Eileen Connair, Megan Conrad, Danielle Corrao, Zach Crawford, Jessica Curbelo, Christina Dock, Lisangi Fernandez, Cassandra Figueroa, Marilyn Garcia, Amanda Gruber, Aubrey Loglisci, Lixanya Lucas, Gary Mejia, Adit Patel, Belinda Rao, Miguel Rios, Lawren Rohling, Michael Rosas, Malka Saba, Klaudia Szabat, Sara Tomas, Jasmine Walker, Tilah Young, and Rosa Zayas.

    Campus officials who were present included: Dr. Mercy Azeke, Dean of the Center for Student Success; Robert Hennessey, Assistant Director of Financial Aid; Mark Holfelder, Associate Director of Residential Life; along with the EOF staff Program Director Colleen Johnson, Assistant Director/Counselor Lupita Yonker, Freshman Coordinator/Counselor Nicole Martinez, and Sophomore Counselor Tyrone Smith.