• Do You Qualify for EOF?


    Monmouth University requires the following for admission to its EOF program:


    • United States citizenship, and have been a legal resident of New Jersey for at least one year prior to college enrollment.


    • A high school diploma or GED certificate before you expect to begin college.
    • Meet Monmouth University's criteria for admission.
    • Ability to attend a subsidized five-week, residential summer program that focuses on scholastic skills, academic success, and leadership skills.
    • Interest in pursuing higher education.


    • In order to be evaluated for Monmouth University's Educational Opportunity Fund program,you must meet both the University's and the Commission on Higher Education's income criteria and requirements. If your family income meets the commission's income eligibility guidelines, you could potentially qualify for the EOF program.

    The standard gross annual income for a dependent candidate starts at $22,980 and can exceed $79,260 depending on the number of dependents in the family. (See the table below.)

    Income Eligibility Scale
    Academic Year 2014 - 2015

    Household Size Gross Income Limit
    1 $22,980
    2 $31,020
    3 $39,060
    4 $47,100
    5 $55,140
    6 $63,180
    7 $71,220
    8 $79,260

    For each additional household member, add $7,920.

    Students must also meet Monmouth University academic guidelines.