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    Williams Received 2010 Monmouth Award for Communication Excellence

    Communication Council 2010


    Members of the Monmouth University Communication Council pictured with Brian Williams, award-winning anchorman for NBC Nightly News, and recipient of Monmouth University's 2010 Monmouth Award for Communication Excellence (MACE). Pictured (left to right): David M. Wilson (MU ’80), Editor, Bloomberg News; Chad Dell, PhD, Chair, Monmouth Department of Communication; Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing Editor, NBC Nightly News; Frank Dicopoulos, NJ Discover; Marilyn E. Rocky (MU ’65); Pat Scanlon, President, Shamrock Communications; Lucille Maddalena, EdD, (MU ’71), Maddalena Transitions Management, Inc.; Maureen Bay (MU ’75), Gem of an Idea; Jim Hickey, ABC Radio News; Maiya Furgason, Wells Fargo Advisors. (Council members not pictured: Steve Cody, Jim Driscoll, Rickie Gaffney, Ann Subervi, Don Swanson.)

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