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    Global Initiatives Home Page

    Welcome to the homepage of the Global Education Office at Monmouth University. As expressed in MU’s Mission Statement and Strategic Plan, global education and outreach are top priorities.

    Over the past decade, MU has met its global challenge by expanding the study abroad program that began in 2001, and by servicing international students and faculty. In addition, MU promoted the Global Understanding Project that began in 2001, proudly transforming it into the Institute for Global Understanding in 2008. The 2010 General Education curriculum includes “global understanding” as a key learning goal. Moreover, several memoranda of understanding were signed with institutions of higher education in several countries, including China and India.

    In August 2010, MU established the position of the Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives in order to highlight its institutional commitment and have one point person responsible for all its global affairs. With the assistance of MU administrators, faculty, and staff, the Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives is responsible for multiple tasks, including providing vision and administrative support to MU’s globalization effort; facilitating cross-divisional planning on institutional strategies for global initiatives; enhancing the study abroad experience; leading faculty in the development of travel study courses; servicing international students and faculty; implementing the International Scholars Program; and initiating and sustaining healthy connections with international institutions of higher education.

    The challenge ahead will be tough, given the increasingly complex global agenda, parochial attitudes, and funding issues. However, these challenges can, and must be counterbalanced by a myriad of opportunities, especially those anchored in strategic thinking, intentional collaborative actions, empathy, and responsible leadership.

    At MU, where leaders look forward, the global opportunities will be maximized to benefit the campus community and the world beyond. Please join us as we actualize this vision!