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    The foreign language curriculum at Monmouth University is consistent with the University-wide approach of top tier education delivered with personal attention. The students will study not only the language and literature of their target language, but experience the visual and performing arts as they immerse themselves in every aspect of the culture. This curriculum gives Monmouth University graduates a competitive edge in the workplace and in graduate school.

    The program features a major and minor in Spanish, a minor in Italian, and the opportunity to study at the elementary or intermediate level in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Irish, Latin, and Spanish. Studies in foreign languages are ideal for a variety of students, including those who love language, culture, and literature. Students will acquire essential skills in communicative proficiency, critical thinking, textual analysis, and interpretive writing through reading, writing, and research assignments. The culture of their chosen language will literally come alive as they delve into works of literature, art, history, film, philosophy, international business, and media studies.

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