• Department of English

    Monmouth University's Department of English gives students the opportunity to study literature, writing, and rhetoric in a supportive and engaging intellectual community of faculty and peers. English majors and minors are encouraged to pursue their interests under the direction of dedicated and accomplished faculty mentors both inside and outside the classroom, and can choose from a range of programs and courses offerings in the areas of literature, creative writing and professional writing. Students will enhance their close reading and analytical skills as they encounter the pleasures and possibilities found in reading literary works of aesthetic and cultural value. A major or minor in English enables students to develop critical awareness that prepares them for careers in the areas of teaching, law, business, publishing, writing, and administration, and most importantly, lays the foundation for a lifelong engagement with the versatility, power, and beauty of language.

  • Sabrina VanGlahn

    Meet Sabrina VanGlahn

    Sabrina VanGlahn will be graduating this January with a Bachelors of Arts in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. During her time at Monmouth, Sabrina has been an active member of Sigma Tau Delta and The Monmouth Review. Both activities allow her to interact on an intellectual and social level and have added to her experience as an undergraduate. In her “life outside of Monmouth,” Sabrina is a cosmetologist. While in high school, she attended a vocational program to obtain her license and has been working in the field while taking her college classes. A large portion of her work is in sales, so she applies skills she has learned while being an English major—namely speaking and the art of persuasion—to sell products and to educate her clients about their hair and how to care for it. Sabrina listens to other people’s “narratives” all day while they are in her chair, so she often channels those experiences into her creative writing. She hopes to continue to expand her writing on women’s self-image issues and possibly, if the opportunity presents itself, to engage in advertising. Despite her busy work schedule, Sabrina has enjoyed her courses at Monmouth. Her favorite courses are The Craft of Writing and History of the English Language. These courses helped her to develop her poetry and to deepen her love for the field of English, specifically her fields of interest: poetry and creative nonfiction. With graduation on the horizon, Sabrina has realized how much Monmouth University, specifically the English department, has shaped her as a student. She began her college career at Monmouth, but then transferred to another school for three years. During that time, Sabrina realized that she wasn’t receiving the one-on-one interaction with faculty that she had while at Monmouth, and decided to return to Monmouth to finish her undergraduate degree. She attributes her time at Monmouth to her success as a student: her interactions with supportive faculty and staff were her chief reasons for coming back to the school. Upon graduation, Sabrina hopes to attend graduate school for either an MA or MFA and, for the first time in a few years, be able to read for pleasure.